Saturday, December 22, 2012

Optimism and persistence

I believe there are two key characters that everyone needs to do a startup.  They are optimism and persistence.  Optimism because you have to have the hope to continue pushing toward your goal, and persistence because it will take a long time before you can start seeing your goal realized.

When I hear people talk about someone else's success, there are always long periods when someone had to endure the pessimism from many and self-doubt.  To be great at something, we all have to be eternally optimistic, and have persistence to keep at it.  Although optimism and persistence are not guarantee, they are necessary to achieve a greatness.

If you believe this premise as I do, then you will notice something.  We have to choose to do something that we believe in.

Without a firm belief, it is too easy to call it quit when going gets tough.  You may feel that there are other things that you could be doing.  You may question whether what you are doing is worthwhile to devote your life.  Unless you have the unshakable belief, it is impossible to persevere through all ups and downs of building something new.

To get optimism and persistence, first find a cause that you believe in.  Something that won't change and something that you cannot let go.  Then think of how you can get closer to that goal and apply your optimism and persistence toward realizing that step.

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