Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What are big trends?

Last week I had a chance to have a long talk with my earlier startup colleague.  We both love high-tech startups and share interest in following latest venture trends.  While we were talking, I realized how much things have changed last time we worked together to launch our startup back in early 2000.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Frictionless sharing" - Isn't that oxymoron?

Last month I wrote about Facebook Social Reader.  It's also known to implement "frictionless sharing".

I talked about what it means for publishers and marketers.  It is a great tool to keep track of who's reading what, and how contents spread through open social graph.

But this has profound implication to readers (that's you!).  Let's stop and think about what it means to readers.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Blogs and social network

As a blogger, I have been writing on and off for little over a year.  When starting, I had committed myself to write once a day, but with my workload it proved to be a difficult commitment to keep.  These days perhaps I've slacked off too much, not even posting a blog per week.

When I first started writing, the most difficult thing was finding readers.  How do you know whether anyone is reading your blog?  If you wrote something that no one cared to read, is it not a complete waste of time?  Well, I believe it is not a waste of time.  It's because when you write something it helps you think logically and organize your thoughts into black and white.  It's amazing how often I found myself changing my opinion once I started writing a blog entry.  When you are thinking about things in your head without sequencing them as one logical argument, it is hard to make your argument clear even for yourself.