About Me

I'm Jae Kim, a coder-turned product manager at Actiance.

I've started blogging by accident when I first joined Hana BBS in 1995.  Since then I have been blogging on and off here and there.  I've discovered writing helps me organize my thought, and I found that clarity comes from serializing my stream of thought in to a narrative.

Back in 2010, I said yes to the opportunity to take on product management role after years of testing, coding and engineering management.  As I took on the new challenge, I wanted to expand my narratives to include social media, social networks, product management and startups.  And this blog is my attempt to document many of the narratives.

If you want to connect, please reach out to me via email jaeho9kim at gmail.com or @jaeho9kim on Twitter.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you get something out of my blog.