Sunday, December 23, 2012

Aatish Bhatia: Empirical Zeal

Aatish Bhatia is a graduate student at Rutgers University.  He also maintains a science blog called Empirical Zeal.  I stumbled upon his blog last week, and found his writing style to be very enjoyable to read.  He has a way of telling story with related scientific background.

It turns out that I was not alone finding his blog very valuable.  He received many accolades from science writers and bloggers since he uploaded his first article back in April 2011.

I highly recommend his blog entries.  They are fun to read because it starts from a common scenario and drills into scientific reasoning.
Imagine teaching Physics and Chemistry to children in this way.  First telling them about the problem, and working out solutions with them collaboratively.  It would not only make the class material more interesting, but foster their creative thinking to come up with their own solutions.

I applaud Bhatia for writing these pieces to make the science more approachable for many.  I certainly wished that I had learned from someone like him when I was in school.

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