Friday, November 9, 2012

That will never work

How many times have you heard "that will never work" or variation of that theme?  There are many variations:

  • We tried that before.
  • Your idea is interesting, but it is not practical.
  • It's not our priority.
  • No one will buy it.
  • Experts agree that it's not a good idea.

It comes in many forms.  But it has one thing in common: a bunch of assumptions.

Trouble with assumptions is that they may be correct, or may not be correct.  And there are countless examples where people's assumptions have been proven wrong, even the expert's opinions.

As an entrepreneur, our job is to see opportunities in these crazy ideas.  Often good ideas are a pivot away from the bad ones.

Don't get discouraged by the theme and variations of "that will never work."  Many have succeeded in spite of pessimistic reviews of their time.  Take a look at the examples of incorrect assumptions dismissing brilliant ideas.

There is no such thing as too crazy idea.  Capture the ideas, share them, develop them, and apply them to your problem.  That's how new brilliant ideas are born.  That's how a new startup begins.

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