Saturday, April 7, 2012

New layout and color scheme

I've been thinking about changing Future of Social Network blog layout.  You will notice that I've executed on that plan.

There were two problems that I had with earlier layout, and one stylistic issue.

One was font size.  I've found that earlier font size of 12px Arial was too small for comfortable reading.  From my survey of popular blogs and web sites, I found size 15px or 16px to work well.

The other was width of main frame.  It felt slightly narrow at 930px for embedded content.  I've widen it a little to 960px.  Most of time main frame is what people focus on, and I wanted to maximize the reading space.

Third was more of stylistic issue.  I thought that Future of Social Network can use a bit of color scheme change to make it look cleaner.  As always I used the existing color scheme and layout provided Blogger.  I ended up choosing was Awesome Inc. layout with sage green color scheme.

I hope everyone likes the changes that I made.  If you have suggestion to make it more readable, please let me know.

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