Sunday, April 8, 2012

SEO as customer listening tool

Eric Enge shared a post on Search Engine Watch titled "Integrated Marketing: Why Search Needs a Large Seat at the Table".  His core messages from the post were two folds:

  • Search can be thought of as call center harvesting demand created by traditional marketing.
  • Because search can be thought of as call center, keyword searched by customers can be collected to analyze customer need.

Marketers are on track to spend more on online ads than
printed ads starting 2012.
After thinking about this for a while, I decided to apply these two points to my blog.  What are my readers telling me about what they are looking for?
These are top 10 search keywords that people searched for to get to the Future of Social Network blog since launch back in August 2010:
  1. future of social network
  2. social networking arguments
  3. animated question mark
  5. animated gif
  6. social network future
  7. world wide web animation
  8. arguments for social networking
  9. understanding linkedin
  10. cyworld
#1 the most searched keyword was the blog name.  It looks like visitors are searching for the name to get to the blog.  It's not surprising.  I'm sure everyone has searched for the name of site to get the link back from Google.  I'm guessing that #4 and #6 are also typed by repeat visitors.

#2 and #8 provide interesting insight.  They suggest that people are still looking for a reason to justify adoption of social network.  Back in September 2010, I wrote a piece arguing in favor of social networking as engine of innovation and bottom-up autonomous culture.

I'm not sure how my blog made into results for "animated question mark", "animated gif" and "world wide web animation".  I have to guess that people must have liked the post about how everyone is good at improvising with tools at hand.