Friday, April 6, 2012

When you're online, you are in public place

The Boston Phoenix ran a feature article on Philip Markoff, Craigslist killer, the other day.  It was a 2009 homicide case involving Philip, a medical student, and a victim whom he met through Craigslist.  As part of homicide investigation, Boston Police Department has subpoenaed Facebook to provide Philip's and a few other user data to build a case against him.

And Facebook complied.  Here's what Facebook released to Boston Police Department:

It is not surprising to see Facebook providing user data to law enforcement.  They have to.  What is alarming is that now there are a couple of sources (Facebook and Google with their new privacy policy) where any one of our online persona can be put together rather easily.

Even if government needed that comprehensive data around any one, it was nearly impossible to collect them just several years ago.  But now it is just a couple of subpoenas away.

All social network users should understand the consequence of sharing data on all social networking site.  When you share data, it is public record and can be used against you.

Share responsibly.

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