Saturday, February 2, 2013

Steve Sammartino: Startup Blog

Steve Sammartino is a founder of and a long time blogger of Start Up Blog.  He has been sharing his lessons learned from running his own startup through his blog since 2006.

Here are a few interesting blog entries that I found:

He also has done interviews and lectures over the years.  I was able to find what an interview that he did in 2011 discussing helpful tips for bloggers who are just starting out:

I was pleasantly surprised to find his entry talking about how to generate startup idea by jotting down problems that people talked about.  On his 2006 entry Bug List, he suggested keeping a notepad of bugs that people reported can be used as startup ideas.  It's a far simpler and practical version of what I suggested in my earlier blog entry of creating a bug database for all people.

Sammartino was able to distill the essence of this bug collection and prioritization process as any entrepreneur should.  Brilliant.

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