Friday, December 28, 2012

Grow [oneself and the team] every day

I believe everyone wants to get better at what they do.  I certainly want to get better at what I do.  I wager you do too.  When there is a friendly competition in the areas of our interest, we all love to measure how well we stack up against each other.  For a competition like this to work, there have to be well-defined rules, how scores are kept and when the game ends.

On my long drive down to my parents' place, I had a chance to listen to several podcasts around the topic of leadership and launching startup:
I was able to notice one recurring theme that stuck with me from the podcasts.  It's about the desire to get better at something.

Although the podcasts talked about entrepreneurs' need to continue learning and growing, it equally applies to everyone else.  Everyone in the organization wants to get better at what he does.  Tapping into this individual's desire to continuously improve his performance is crucial in growing the organization's strength.

In order to do that there are a few prerequisites:

  1. Everyone to clearly visualize the success
  2. Everyone to know what his expected contribution is
  3. Everyone to get trust and encouragement to try new things without fear of failure
  4. Everyone to behave as no one person holds the answer

For successful entrepreneurs they have to master how to discipline themselves and continuously practice with  an intent to improve their performance.  At the same time it is equally important to enable other team members to achieve their peak performance by creating the right environment.

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