Tuesday, August 28, 2012

YouTube, the new global media

This morning when I turned on NPR, it was talking about new trends on popular YouTube content.  Among the examples cited, the first example was a K-pop sensation by Psy called "Gangnam Style."

I first heard of "Gangnam Style" from my Facebook Social Media News interest group.  I knew of Psy from his earlier album released in 2000, but never thought that I would see people around social media sharing his  music.  To date "Gangnam Style" has been viewed 66,624,589 times and its viewership is accelerating according to YouTube analytics.

It's not just K-pop clips making headlines.  People are in general spending lot more time on YouTube.  According to comScore Video Metrix, average viewer spent 525 minutes in July watching YouTube.  Compared to the last year, this was 48% increase from 353 minutes.  The increase in time spent on YouTube makes YouTube that much more fertile environment where hits like "Gangnam Style" can happen.

YouTube is by far the clear winner in U.S.;
ranking will be different if we include China and the rest of the world.

YouTube is truly becoming a global media.  In some sense we are already there because we can carry YouTube with us anywhere we go.

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