Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How many connected devices do you have?

Bloomberg ran an article about average U.S. household having five internet-connected devices.  That got me wondering about how many devices that I have in my family.  I have a young family with 3 year old and a month old.  My kids are not exactly at internet ready age (although my 3-year-old boy has proved to me that he's ready for e-commerce).  Yet our connected device count is nine.

Whoa, what sign do I look first?
Information overload is just as bad as
lack of information.
We have two iPads, one Kindle Touch, one iPhone, three laptops, one mini PC and one desktop.  I actually think that we are below the Silicon Valley average because I'm the only one with smartphone.  I would guess most households would have each family member having one smartphone device and a laptop computer, and possibly one or two Wi-Fi-enabled tablets.  That would make 3-4 connected devices per adult, which would make 12 - 16 devices for a family of four.

What is surprising is how fast we got here.  A couple of years ago, the number of connected devices in my household was four.  We just had three laptops and one desktop.  Phones were simple feature phones or email-only Blackberry.  iPad and Kindle were not available on the market yet.

As I have posted earlier, we are at the cusp of transitioning to truly ubiquitous computing power and staying connected at all time.  We no longer wait for status of others.  We expect people to be available at all time.  We are expected to be available at all time.  This shift to constant connected-ness is creating not only technology paradigm shift, but also driving the shift of our perspectives of what it means to be reachable at all time.

No longer do we think about not having data.  It's about having relevant data at the right time to make decisions.  Delivering the right data at the right time and discovering new data are becoming more important than ever before.

How many connected devices do you have?  How do you keep up with deluge of information flooding your timeline everyday?

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