Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Product Management: Place big bets

It is amazing how prescient successful entrepreneurs are in hindsight.  Bill Gates is one of them.  He first predicted rise of personal computers.  After making his fortunes from MS DOS and Windows, he made several bold predictions that we take for granted in his video interview with BBC.

What is fascinating is that this interview was recorded back in 1994.  1994 was a year before Netscape launched.  Graphical internet was known as Mosaic browser and mostly academic websites that existed across universities and research institutions.

Even as early as 1994, Gates talks about how important PCs will be not as individual computing devices but connected network of devices acting as communication tool.

(5:50 into the video)
Interviewer: What will you get over the next few years on the systems that you are piloting? 
Bill Gates: People find it easy to understand that you can look up any movie, see reviews, see what your friends like, have suggestions based on what you liked, and see movies immediately.  They understand playing games, multiple playing games together and see other people while you play.  You can enhance TV shows, watch baseball where additional information is viewable and buy tickets.

Gates then talks about how Microsoft is investing $100 million a year to make a big bet on how information super highway, i.e. Internet, will be used to provide entertainments, services and any information that you may need.

What kind of bets are you making with your product?

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