Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Obvious Medium launched early preview of Medium.  Medium is a bunch of topic boards where people can post blog entries or photos.  People can also rate blog entries and photos so that visitors are presented with interesting articles crowd-sourced by contributors.

Check out the Obvious Collection on Medium
and other pilot collections:
Been There. Loved That. and
Look What I Made
For now Medium is only available to limited contributors.  Medium team says that they will start inviting other contributors soon.

The site itself evokes Tumblr's design sensibility with minimalism yet clearly functional interface.  It's obvious (no pun intended) that the team spent time thinking about their MVP for launch.

What strikes me the most is their willingness to learn from user community's adoption and creativity to evolve their system.  Just like how Twitter listened to user community and introduced hashtags and '@' signs, Medium seems to have simple UI with clear purpose in mind, that is, to create topical collection of articles under one spot ranked by user voting.

It will be interesting to see how contributors and visitors bend and flex the system.  Often wisdom of crowd has better idea of how to use the system, and I think there are many possibilities here. 

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