Friday, August 17, 2012

Product Management: Make it work the first time

One thing that you have to remember as product manager: customer is not interested in your product.  She is interested in solving her problem.

What that means is that you have to make sure that your product works the first time.  If it doesn't, she will move on.  Truth is that there are half a dozen other apps that she could have used.  Google always gives her more choices than what she can handle.  She will not only move on, but also have bad experience on your product.

Don't let this go on.

Although there are always new batch of visitors, they won't stick around.  If you are extremely luck, you might get a few users with enough patience to stick it out.  Maybe your ex-coworker is one of them.  But it won't pay for your op-ex.

Grab each first-time user as if they are the only customer.  Find out why they are leaving, fix the reason.  Often it's one too many step, one too many field to fill out, one stupid bug that disrupts the flow.  Figure it out and fix it.

Make it work the first time.

Each time you get a new user, make the best of it.
Make it work.

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