Saturday, August 18, 2012 is up

Today I got my invite to  I logged on this afternoon and took a quick look around.  It looked clean and worked much like Twitter in old days.  No frills but simple functional interface was serving maximum-256-character-long messages from thousands of early adopters.

The site was working, but definitely felt like an alpha site.  It had foundation of a house with all plumbing working.  But I could see that team is hard at work introducing new features and rolling them out.  Because of newness of it, I liked the small community feel.  It had a tab showing all global posts which will become quickly unmanageable to keep up as user base scales.  The fact that I could keep up with what everyone was saying felt refreshing. Global tab view;
It feels like early days of Twitter when
developers were welcomed unconditionally.

One thing I realized after an hour snooping around is how similar it is with what Twitter was earlier.  Tons of developers interests were there to develop applications on top of API.  In fact it already had several iPhone and Android applications listed on its Github page that supported  Just like early days of Twitter developers want to write applications using  Many are excited to see a platform created for developers and man more are disillusioned by latest Twitter API terms change.

I can see quickly gaining momentum as the geek's social network of choice.  There are room for many winners in social network, and I am seeing hopeful signs that there will be a spot for

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