Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Two things that keep compliance team awake at night

"What is the thing that keeps you awake at night?"

That was the question posed to panel of compliance team members from regulated industries at Symantec eDiscovery User Conference 2012.

"Social media and BYOD."

That was a response from one of the panelists.  It sums up the challenges with dealing with rapidly changing communication environment.

Mobile phone + social media;
they are feeding each other's growth.
Mobile and social media combination is creating perfect storm scenario for all enterprise IT department and compliance team.  Traditional IT policy and management are no longer applicable to today's environment where people buys their own mobile devices, signs up for their own services and blends work and personal life on their social media accounts.

And all these changes are accelerating.  850,000 Android devices are getting activated each day (and probably just as many iPhones), and we are fast approaching the point where mobile devices will be considered as default choice of computing platform.

They are enough to keep any IT and compliance team awake at night.

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