Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All Things D: Dick Costolo

All Things D had an interview with Dick Costolo the other day.  He talked about how Twitter is butting heads with Google about Google search ranking of Twitter results, and spent several minutes clarifying recent Twitter's announcement withheld tweets based on country location.

What caught my attention were two points that Dick Costolo made.  One was about everyone having a real-time voice on Twitter and those who choose to listen in real-time can do so and react instantly.  What he commented about how Twitter has obsoleted the need for pundits reaction after State of the Union address by the President is a great example.  Point is that whether you choose to listen or not, real-time conversation is happening anyway with or without you.

The second point was about how people are amplifying their voice by buying tweeter promoted trends.  Most of GOP candidates have bought Twitter promotion to amplify their voice, and as election year comes to a full swing, I think political ads spending on social media will only increase.  It's because Twitter is a direct way to reach your audience without any filter in real-time.

I think that Twitter is well positioned to continue increasing its user base (currently estimated to be over 100M monthly active users), and cement its virtual chatroom identity for many more in this election year.

You have to give it up for Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka's 
persistence in asking for Twitter IPO insight

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