Saturday, January 7, 2012

Roger's 10 hypotheses for tech investing

Here's what's so great about the web.  If you care to look around, you can find wealth of resources.  Only thing that is limiting you is your inability to ask the right questions and be curious.

I stumbled upon Roger Mcnamee's 10 hypotheses for tech investing today:

If you look at the PDF version, you'll find a bit more context of his 10 hypotheses.  After scanning them, I couldn't help but re-post it on my blog so that I capture them.  Especially, Hypothesis #1, #2, and #4 are something that I see happening now.

Mobile and ubiquitous access to cloud is disrupting not only the consumer world with mobile comparison shopping right on brick-and-mortar store aisle, but also enterprises with people bringing in their own mobile devices to work, and demanding enterprise software to be more like Web2.0 apps.  Plus the success of Apple App Store and average iPhone user downloading 83 apps last year force all business to think about how they make it easier for mobile users to access their business.

I don't see, however, that Facebook is the one and only winner for Social Web.  I think there are multiple winners, which Roger listed out on PDF version, but in addition, I think there are room for new comers to fill in niche market (such as Foursquare) or perhaps not so niche (maybe Google+ or some other network).  Facebook will still be around as dominant player, of course.

What is clear is that we are going through a big shift in technology.

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