Sunday, January 8, 2012

One blog a day: why I think it's a great idea

As some of you might have noticed, I have been posting daily blog entries for each day since 2012.  It's only been 8 days so far, and it's unclear how consistently I will be able to keep it up.  But if I don't start and keep at it, I will never know.

There is a reason why I've decided to do this experiment, other than to test my persistence.  I think that sharing an idea often with public is a starting point to collaboration and innovation.  Game of innovation and value creation is not a zero-sum game.  More you collaborate, greater value you can create collectively, and all these must start somewhere from someone sharing ideas.

Steven Johnson talking about noisy cafe as center of innovation and Fred Wilson's AVC blog with an active community collaboration would not have been possible without someone first sharing a point of view.  Entire social network platform is built on top of active user sharing and exchange of ideas.

To that end, hopefully my post can be picked up by someone who are thinking about the similar topics as I am, and can help those start building on the ideas.  Let me first lay out the foundation and starting point by providing my point of view and what I'm seeing and learning from each day.

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