Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Twitter is retiring TweetDeck mobile

TweetDeck iPhone and Android app are going away.  If you have been following Twitter, they have been making series of changes.  They are replacing Twitter API 1.0 with API 1.1 to put tighter control on API rate limit.  They stopped their support for posting tweets to Facebook.  Speaking of end of Facebook support, TweetDeck will no longer be supporting posting to Facebook either.  (Facebook still continues to support posting from Facebook status update to Twitter.)

Au revoir, TweetDeck.
Interesting that the last update was support of Instagram,
the network that could have been Twitter's.

What do all these mean to Twitter users?

It means Twitter is serious about getting you to use Twitter client.  It's doing that by clamping down the number of API calls third party applications can make.  With API 1.1, Twitter is promising that they can throttle API calls to be no more than 15 calls per each 15-min interval.  This means third party app won't be able to provide up-to-second updates as they had been.

It also means Twitter is further distancing itself from Facebook.  Twitter wants to compete for user's time as it tries to establish itself as mainstream social media.  The biggest competitor?  Facebook.  Just like Pepsi competes for market share with Coke, Twitter wants to pill users away from Facebook with its real-time updates.  To provide more timely faster experience, they must be concentrating their horsepower to provide that real-time experience to official Twitter app users.

Twitter also announced late last year that they will dictate how tweets are rendered in third party apps.  It's not clear what length Twitter will go to enforce this.  But from all the recent movements, I think it's a safe bet that Twitter will use it once they feel it's necessary to get you to use official Twitter site.

How do you feel about recent Twitter's moves?  Are they doing the right thing for Twitter share holders?  Or will they backfire?

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