Saturday, March 23, 2013

Rob Walling: Lessons Learned by a Solo Entrepreneur

Rob Walling is a serial entrepreneur who advocates launching small startups and staying small.  He has launched several startups and has been sharing his experiences and lessons learned on his blog, Software by Rob.  He has launched several self-funded startups and also acquired technology to re-launch using variety of marketing techniques.

Here are some articles that I found interesting from his blog:
He also gave an interview outlining the steps that he took to acquire, long tail SEO site:

One thing that resonated with me was how he's always in search of new marketing ideas.  Whether it's directly related or not, actionable idea is worth far more than some text-book business knowledge as solo entrepreneur.  Capturing them and evaluating them at all time to find out the ones that might work is critical because there is no one else driving the traffic to the newly launched startup site.

That is what solo entrepreneurs have to think about as the first priority.  Once product is ready, solo-entrepreneur's focus is all about making it easy for potential customers to discover the site.  I see many entrepreneurs wrestling with this marketing problem, and it is a difficult problem for technical person like me to solve.  Thankfully we have fellow bloggers who have gone down this road and succeeded.

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