Sunday, March 17, 2013

Martin Zwilling: Startup Professionals

Martin Zwilling is the founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, Inc.  Prior to founding Startup Pro, he was a managing partner at Southwest Software Ventures & Consulting.  He also writes for Forbes, HBR and Huffington Post.  He is an active blogger and has been writing daily articles on his blog Startup Professionals, Inc, helping entrepreneurs sharpen their business plan and find their initial funding.

Here are some blog entries that he wrote in the past that I found interesting:

Zwilling had been interviewed by Lon Safko in August 2010.  In the interview, he talks about how he started blogging and built his followers on Twitter.  He also talks about the importance of providing value to your audience and staying persistent in doing so.

What resonated with me was how he found his glimmer of success on Twitter.  That was when Zwilling offered to review and provide free consultation on business plans by replying to a stranger's tweet.  It worked because he found a way to provide value to people.  If you do that consistently with integrity, then followers will come with due time.

This helps all of us reframe the question.  How are we using social media to deliver value to our customers?

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