Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jacques Mattheij: Technology, coding and business

Jacques Mattheij is an entrepreneur and M&A due diligence technology consultant for hire.  He is a founder and owner of, and loves to tinker with technology.  He has been actively blogging on his blog site since 2008.

Here are some interesting blog articles that he shared to date:

I especially wanted to highlight one lesson that Mattheij shared from recounting his experience of running

"Your partners are a bigger deciding factor than the product and you have to make sure that everybody plays by the rules."
The Story Behind /

It's really hard to cultivate a relationship with someone whom you can trust for the long haul.  That requires more than financial motivation.  It needs shared purpose under single vision.  Being motivated to achieve that same vision is difficult enough.  Finding someone else who can share the same vision and fight the daily battle to realize that dream is even more difficult.

It reminded me how Gabriel Weinberg took 3+ years to find his first employee.  Finding a right partner/employee is a very important, and it is difficult to get it right.

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