Thursday, March 7, 2013

Facebook announced updated news feed

Facebook unveiled updated news feed design.  Bigger photos, more white spaces and streamlined navigation icons on the left were main points of news feed redesign.  When looking at the newly redesigned Facebook news feed, I couldn't help but think of Google+.  Already users are making comments about Facebook taking design cues from Google+ news feed.

Google+ on the left; Facebook on the right.
Hi-res photographers wanted.

Clearly Facebook wants to become a more multimedia friendly social network.  Larger hi-res photos and videos provide more emotionally engaging experience to the users.  I have to think that they have picked up some design cues from the photo-first social network, Google+.

The second thing that caught my eyes were unified website, mobile and tablet experience of Facebook news feed.  Facebook took responsive web design principle and applied to user experience, but not the implementation.  Using native application, Facebook is providing the uniform look and feel across multiple devices to keep the consistent Facebook news feed user experience.

I didn't get the chance to test drive the updated news feed yet.  There are a few things that I want to test when it shows up on my account:

  • How do mobile photos show up on updated news feed with bigger real estate?
  • How has Edge Rank changed to display relevant news on my news feed, if any?
  • Demo screenshot shows Vimeo instead of YouTube.  What would be integration like with Vimeo?  Surely Facebook wants to do away with YouTube support, Google's growing media channel.
  • How much ads will be shown on the right hand side to add clutter back on the news feed?  Google+ does not show any ads.
  • Ultimately would I spend more time on Facebook as a result of this redesign?
I don't know yet.  We'll have to wait and see.

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