Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chris McCann: StartupDigest and GroupTie

Chris McCann is a serial entrepreneur who started StartupDigest and GroupTie.  He started StartupDigest soon after he packed all his belongings in his car and drove to Palo Alto without a place to stay.  StartupDigest is a free weekly email digest outlining the startup events and resources in hundreds of cities around the world.

He has been running his personal blog since 2009, and here are some blog entries that I found interesting:

He also spoke at SVC2Baltics last December.

When I first jumped into startup scene back in 2000, I did not have any of these resources that new entrepreneurs have.  There may be communities and resources around, but I did not think that I needed to worry about distribution or how to get traction with customers.  All I was focusing on was how to get my code to run more efficiently and come up with automated way of solving complex problems.

Now that I look back, I realize how much blinder I had on.  Thinking about customers and how customers will be solving their problems with our solution did not enter my mind.  But in reality that's the number one thing that mattered.

Today starting up a new business and becoming entrepreneurs makes more sense than ever.  I think this trend will continue.  As more people share about their startup stories and how to create a sustainable business doing the things they like doing, I am convinced that the overall economy will transform.  In that economy of future, creativity, persistence and collaboration will be the key to success, not just following directions and repeating what's already been done.

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