Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Someone else's opinion about Quora

Since I wrote about Quora pivoting to blogging platform, my good friend forwarded me a link to a long opinion piece on Quora.  It was quite long, and since most of you, I figured don't care enough to read the entire article, I thought I would share a quick outline.

Basically the writer is making three points against Quora for the following reasons:

1. Quora moderators are not doing the right job to promote greater participation from wide range of contributors because they are often more interested in being politically correct than allowing open discussion to take place.

2. Anonymous contribution is perceived as less valuable than ones with author info.

3. Q&As are not available for everyone to view without logging in to Quora.

4. Quora caters to a handful of user categories and alienates the rest of users, hence suffers from lack of diverse viewpoints.

I haven't been using Quora on regular basis.  So I cannot comment on #1, #2 and #4.  But I did notice that I had to log in to see Q&A articles posted.  In the spirit of promoting open access to everyone, I believe that read access should have been made available to all.  Best way to improve the content is to have one more pair of eyes review the answers and add his own answer.

I am curious to know whether you share the same view or not.  Do you feel as though Quora is doomed to fail?  Why?  Do you agree with the author's assertion?

Here's the article that my friend forwarded to me:

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