Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sean Johnson: Intentionally

Sean Johnson is the lead of product development at Digital Intent.  He runs the Chicago Growth Hackers Meetup and wrote for Lifehacker, Technori and other sites.  He offers interesting perspective to entrepreneurship and career development through his own experience of learning how to design at the job.

He has been sharing his thoughts on his blog Sean Johnson Intentionally.  Here are a few blog posts that I found interesting:

When we think about startup and how to attract customers, it's easy not to lose the sight of customer experience.  We often don't think collectively about what customer has to go through to get the value out of us.  Customer visits the website, researches about the product, talks to sales, gets their first-hand experience with the product, and starts using it to solve their problem.  At each step of the way, the experience customer  determines whether the startup will be a failure, a mediocre or a successful company.  Too often we ignore what is the obvious to all customers.  It's obvious because most customers share the same view and would be thrilled to see the improvements on the area.  It's the entrepreneur's job to figure out what the obvious area of improvement is and fix it.

I agree with what Johnson's observation on not "ticking people off" is an important ingredient in creating a successful startup.  It's a question all of us should ask ourselves when starting a new business.

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