Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jordan Cooper: Startups, VC, Hyperpublic

Jordan Cooper is a VC and an entrepreneur who founded Hyperpublic.  He has been sharing his experience of launching and running Hyperpublic on his blog:

Here are blog entries that I found interesting:
For those who might wonder about what Hyperpublic did (it got acquired by Groupon Feb 2012), here is the TechCrunch interview with Cooper.  In short, it was an open localized database of place, people and things.

As I look at the entrepreneur bloggers, I am finding one thing in common.  Their blogs have become an integral part of their startup operation.  There were many reasons for starting blogs, but in the end their blogs helped the entrepreneurs find their voice and create a platform to communicate with their fans and startup community.  I think that is why so many entrepreneurs pick up blogging and continue to blog even after their startup exits.

Cooper is a perfect example.  He started blogging when he was working on his startup idea.  As he writes in his About page, his blog has been the platform to amplify his voice and help him connect with the startup communities.  Even after getting his startup acquired by Groupon, he continues to blog because he sees the value of having his own communication platform.

If you are starting a business, I strongly recommend creating your own blog.  Then work to find your own voice.

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