Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yahoo += Snip.it

Yahoo and Snip.it have jointly announced acquisition of Snip.it.  The deal is announced to be around $10M plus earnout bonus for the team members according to TechCrunch.  Snip.it was a 10-person startup that launched in 2011, and they reportedly have been in the talks with Yahoo for several weeks.

Here's a short clip of what Snip.it did (I'm using the past tense because Yahoo decided to shut down its service):

Based on Marissa Mayer's vision, people are speculating that Snip.it team may be working on integrating their latest features into Yahoo Social News products.

Unfortunately I never got to use Snip.it.  I am hearing good things about it from the web.  Yet it seemed like they were not able to get the traction on their own fast enough.  (This traction problem is a hard problem to solve for any startup.)

From this acquisition, Yahoo is getting serious about investing on social products and making it appealing to today's users.  It seems to validate the earlier vision laid out by Mayer.

It looks like she's doing all the right things.  I look forward to seeing compelling social products from Yahoo soon.

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