Thursday, January 17, 2013

We all create something new from what we have

Never underestimate the power of user's creativity.

This is something that I learn and relearn each day.  Truth is that no one knows how your product is going to be used in a real-life scenario.  Once the product is released, it's up to user to decide how to apply the tool to solve his problem.

Let me give you examples.


What about this?


We all use our creativity to figure out how to solve our problem with what we have.  We may not realize it but they happen all around us.

As a product manager, our job is to notice when they happen.  Not everyone uses the product as the way the product manager intended.

There are two aspects that a product manager has to consider:

1. You have to find out how your customers are using your product in real life.
2. You have to find out what creative uses of other products are substituting your product function.

Who would have thought that inflatable pool makers are competing with pickup truck and oversized tarp?  Who would have guessed that empty plastic bottles and t-shirt are used to substitute for helmet?

Who would have dreamed that your product packaging is just as important to some users as the product itself?


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