Sunday, January 27, 2013

Daniel Tenner: Startup is not as scary as jumping off a plane

Daniel Tenner is a cofounder of GrantTree.  Before he started GrantTree, he had two other failed startup experience and worked at Accenture.

He keeps a blog site where he shares his startup experience and perspective on running a startup.  Here are some sample articles that he wrote:

He had also shared his learnings with other entrepreneurs.  Recently he gave a talk at Startup Academy at Belgrade about his take on launching a startup.

I found his perspective very refreshing and honest.  Launching a startup is a learning process.  Once you fail, you have to pick yourself up, learn your lessons, and get ready to try the next one.  The important thing in all this is that you are continually learning and experimenting.  Building a business is much about trial and error, and being able to take an long-term perspective on learning things to increase your chances of success down the line.

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