Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Job market is changing

In case you have not heard, the job market is changing.  And it's changing in a way that further separates those with relevant experiences and drive from those without.

Job market where students go to college, get a diploma, interview and find a decent paying job is the one that we have known.  Many still get entry jobs this way after competitive interviewing process just to get a career started.  Sometimes graduates are not as lucky to find even opening, and have to resort to applying for any job that pays the bill.

But on the other side of fence, I see a new breed of workers.  They are highly entrepreneurial.  They start their own project, find a work that they find meaning, and pursue them for their passion.  They are highly connected, thanks to social media sites.  Because of that they also tend to be highly mobile and sought after by multiple employers.

When I take a look at Hacker News site, I see many people of this new breed.  Then I wonder why there are so many of these new breed that I can see.

I can think of a few reasons:
  1. It's really easy now to unearth those with similar interests thanks to social media.
  2. It costs next to nothing to start following your passion on the Internet, and do things that is meaningful to you.
  3. People of similar interests can collaborate with each other and create something that no one person could have been able to create.

The last point is an interesting one.  It's saying there is a great multiplier effect to finding people of the similar interest and collaborate purely in pursuit of accomplishing something meaningful.

My sense is that job market is changing, although it's been changing slowly over the last several years.  But more and more employers are looking for those people who can perform their job without any ramp-up time and be connected with the greater community to benefit from the shared insight.

Source: http://www.corcoranlawbizblog.com/

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