Friday, December 7, 2012

Easily distracted by applications

Has this ever happened to you recently?


Being a geek, I call this thrashing.  In computer lingo, thrashing means when computer is running too many jobs to fit them all on its memory, and starts spending all its execution time reading/writing them out to disk.

It happens too often to admit.  I have a to-do item that I want to cross out when I sat down in front of my machine.  But by the time I regain my self-control, I realize that I was checking Twitter or browsing emails looking for a distraction, a reason not to focus on my to-do item.

It has become worse these days.  It's because my device travels with me all most at all times.  If I had a waterproof phone, I would probably find myself carrying it into the shower.  Instead of making a choice to use the device, I have to make mental efforts to stop using it.

I am sure that I'm not the only one feeling this way.  After all someone thought it happens often enough to create a comic.

I'm going to think about how this constant distraction is affecting my productivity over the weekend.  I just need sometime where I can be without any distraction.

Hmm... I wonder if anyone tweeted about this.  Let me check.  I'll be right back.

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