Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crazy ideas of how to deal with gun safety

Like all parents who heard the tragic news of Sandy Hook massacre I felt saddened.  I felt saddened because I have two kids of my own and I couldn't explain why tragedy like this happens repeatedly in our society.  We are collectively allowing this lack of gun safety issue fester without any meaningful check and balance.

I also felt helpless to make any change.  What can I do as a citizen to make an impact to change?

Well, I should do what I do best.  Take the plunge and start sharing ideas (some crazy, others not so much) of how to engineer social solution to address this big problem.

  1. Share the gun violence stats with children, and teach them how to deal with guns around them.  Idea is to get kids educated early on about danger of guns, so that they can educated their parents and influence the next generation's attitudes around guns.
  2. Track all gun violence online and make the information accessible to public.  If the information is public, people will be lot more aware of gun safety and how they impact their property values.
  3. Buy back the guns with the annual budget for dealing with homicides and gun violence.  If we are spending the money anyway to deal with the mess created by guns, why not use them proactively to curtail the gun violence?
  4. Require license to purchase, transport, and possess guns.
  5. Make safe gun deposit boxes available so that citizens can own guns without keeping them in their houses.  Many gun related injuries happen by accident or by impulse.  By taking the guns away from home, it will reduce the incidents like this.
  6. Organize concerned parents to raise money to convert gun shop into gun safety training facilities.  Because we have so many guns out there already, gun safety training is something that everyone will need, and can be a profitable business.
  7. Legislate to selectively ban guns in urban area where no one is allowed to carry a gun.  Carrying a shotgun in Kentucky is different from carrying a handgun in NYC Central Park.
These are my crazy and not so crazy ideas.  Any one care to develop these penny-worth ideas into something actionable with me?

Let's see how open collaboration can work.

Teach your kids not to try this at home.
It's a safety issue.

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