Monday, October 22, 2012

Vending machine gets gamified

On my Google+ Explore tab I saw a YouTube video of Coke promoted vending machine shared by Mashable.  Before I explain and spoil the surprise, let me share the video:

It's a great marketing idea.  One it encouraged people to interact with Coke vending machine, but also while encouraging people to interact with the machine, it also introduced element of game mechanics.  If participants get the dance moves right, they get an immediate reward as bottles of Coke.

Ideas like this are all around us.  We have pieces of technologies that are ready to be applied to solve problems that we might not even realize that we have.

The future of our economy depends on how creative we are in applying today's technology to create cool user experience.  To do that we must encourage innovation by everyone.  No one has monopoly on creativity.

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