Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Social CRM MQ by Gartner

Gartner released Magic Quadrant for Social CRM the other day.

Since the early days of social media, people have been focusing on listening through social media and engaging directly with their customers.  Hence extending CRM system to cover social media to manage all interactions with customer made lot of sense to many.  A problem is that most enterprises already have CRM system they are using and they wanted the social media interactions to be integrated with existing CRM system.

As Mitch Lieberman points out on his blog post, it's this integration that enterprises are looking to do.  Integrating social media into existing CRM tool is the first option for these customers.

I think because of this integration need we are seeing greater demands for API.  Most enterprises have in-house development team and always interested in providing the right solution that causes the least amount friction to adopting the new feature and meeting the exact business requirements laid out by lines of business.

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