Friday, October 12, 2012

Product Management: Why great product works like magic

We call it magic when you see something that defies the laws of Physics.  It looks impossible yet the trick happens right in front of our eyes.  Why?

It's because we make assumptions without even realizing that we do.  By nature we are bounded by our own perspective, past experiences and our mental model of how world works.  When these assumptions are violated, we are amazed.

Same is true with great product.  It looks like a magic because we assume it's not possible.  It has not been done before.  Never before we've seen a product that solves the problem that we had or in some cases never knew that we had.

Great product manager are aware of these hidden assumptions.  They constantly challenge these assumptions and tries to break them by stretching what has been done before.

Look around you.  Whenever people make assumptions about what can or cannot be done, there is an opportunity to make a great product.

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