Saturday, October 27, 2012

Product Management: Product quality

Software product is constructed by lines of code.  But quality code does not necessarily make quality product.  Quality code makes it easier to produce quality product because it's easier to evolve the code to reshape the product to solve a compelling problem (and also easier to fix reported bugs).

What does it mean to have a quality product?

At the core of quality product there is communication.

Quality product responds to user's command in a responsive manner, set a correct expectation and consistently behave according to the expectation.

Product quality is different from code quality.  But code quality begets product quality.  That's because it takes lot of experimentation and learning to figure out what compelling problem a product needs to solve, exactly what needs to be communicated to users, how to set the correct expectation, and how to deliver consistent experience to users.

It's a journey to produce a quality product.  No product gets launched as a killer product.  Every product leaves something out to get it out to the market in time.  The trick is to focus on a key problem and deliver the consistent and responsive experience to users.

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