Tuesday, October 16, 2012

LinkedIn: Your on-line professional profile

Out of many recent social media IPOs one company that is bucking the downward trend is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has debuted at $45 per share, and as of close today it was at $111.18.  Compare this to Facebook and Zynga's performance, you can see the difference.  What's behind LinkedIn's success?

There are good reasons why LinkedIn has been doing much better than the other social media sites.  It comes down to this.  

LinkedIn has the most compelling content.  And that content, in case you haven't noticed, is your profile.

Everyone understands why we need resume.  It's what we use to look for jobs.  It's how we summarize our careers.  It's how we sell ourselves to people who are looking to hire our experience and skills.  LinkedIn has been dominating this professional profile content by creating a platform where we can easily create, publish and track our professional profile online.

It's great content business because once there is a big enough user base, all participants get clear value.  Job seekers get their value because they can update their resume on one place via easy-to-use interface and publish it online to millions of other LinkedIn users looking for talents.  Recruiters get their value because they can now search and filter candidates by their network connection.  LinkedIn can easily come in-between and offer premium services because value props are clearly defined for both parties.

LinkedIn knows this better than anyone.  Today LinkedIn announced that they are simplifying LinkedIn Profile to make it easier to read user profile.  It makes lot of sense.  Profile is the number one content that LinkedIn has going for them.

You can check out the new and improved LinkedIn Profile here.

LinkedIn Profile now has infographics-like layout.
Source: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/sample

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