Monday, October 8, 2012

LinkedIn is courting influential bloggers

It's been a little over three months since Twitter decided that it has outgrown LinkedIn as a federated network partner.  If you recall, Twitter used to not only allow LinkedIn to post its status update to Twitter, but also tweets to appear as network update on LinkedIn.  But on June 29th Twitter stopped its tweets showing up on LinkedIn.

Since then LinkedIn has been working on its counterstrike.  Starting last week we are beginning to see how LinkedIn wants to fill the gap left by Twitter.

LinkedIn wants to be the network of business content and the means to promote the content.  Last week LinkedIn launched its blogging service.  It's available to famous influencers on each subject area, and not to everyone.  The idea is to get these influential members to create original content within LinkedIn platform and allow them to promote them right on LinkedIn.

I wouldn't be surprise if these people were getting paid
to produce original content.

Where Twitter is a promotional network where content is limited to 140-characters including a short URL, LinkedIn wants to become a network where content can be hosted as well as promoted through its network update.

To that end LinkedIn started spotlighting its influential users and its following capability on its home page.

Follow thought leaders!
Let's see whether LinkedIn can build its own interest graph.

It is an interesting idea.  LinkedIn already has many thought-leaders in each field as its user base.  Question is whether LinkedIn will be successful in convincing them to use LinkedIn to publish their content.  This will depend on providing easy publishing user experience through supporting familiar third party tools, and demonstrating additional value of using LinkedIn as preferred content distribution network.

Given that many business users are already on LinkedIn and they come to expect to find business content on the network, LinkedIn will use this as one of the reasons to use LinkedIn over other social networks.  But in the eyes of content creator, LinkedIn will still be one of many available networks.

Will LinkedIn be successful in attracting influential content creators to use LinkedIn blogs?  I'm not sure.  But it's an interesting idea to build its own Twitter-like interest graph.


  1. Do you know of a way to search blogs on LinkedIn by subject matter?


    1. LinkedIn allows you to customize LinkedIn Today News:

      I don't think LinkedIn offers search capability. It seems Google indexes LinkedIn Blogs (aka LinkedIn Original Articles).