Friday, October 5, 2012

Interview for soft skill and communication

I found an interesting interview question posted by Kevin Morrill.  He shares that the most revealing question that he has been using with candidates is to give open-ended question on how to tackle a simple problem with time constraint.  An example that he gives is describing a hobby of interviewee that interviewer does not have any background info within 5 minutes.  He allows interviewee to prepare before beginning and observe how the candidate tackles the problem.

He describes there are two types of people.  There are ones who jump right into describing the hobby and ad-lib their way through the explanation and others who takes time to think about how to best explain within a limited amount of time.  He makes it even more interesting by interrupting the candidates and see if they lose track of the objective of helping the interviewer understand about their hobby.

I think it's a great interview question.  That's because in most organization effective communication and team playing are more important than experience and intelligence.  Imagine a rock star candidate with razor-sharp intelligence who cannot work in a team environment.  I would much rather hire someone not as bright, but willing to work with other team members complementing other's weaknesses.

When you have a team you always have wisdom of the crowd going for you.  When you don't have members who are willing to work as a team, then all you have is a bunch of ninjas who cannot march to the same beat.  That's a fibrillation at best.

My advice to those in the job market is to look for people whom you can trust and work with.  Make sure that the person who hires you is a team player.
Run away as fast as you can from these interviewers.

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