Friday, October 19, 2012

I have been a PC guy... so far.

I have been a PC guy.  I all my work on my PC, yet like a lot of you, I use iPad, iPhone to consume content during my downtime.  But I'm not sure if I will go for Windows 8 devices.  That is because it's not clear to me whether it's a work machine or data consumption machine.

Here's the thing.  We all have multiple computers.  We have smartphones to connect with people on the go, we have tablets to consume content and browse the web, and we have laptops to do our work.  What I see happening with Windows 8 is mixing a tablet with a laptop user story.  To add to that, Windows 8 has introduced new UI standards that no one is used to.

If this were happened in 2000, then it would not have mattered as much.  Windows was the clearly only viable choice in for any productivity machine.  There was no other choice available.   But it's not the case any more.  Today we have iOS on Apple Macbook, Google Chrome OS on Samsung Chromebook, and Ubuntu on any PC.

Regardless of which machine we pick up, we get pretty much similar experience of using hosted applications.  We use our Facebook, Gmail on browser, access our data from Dropbox, write our documents on Google Doc, and conference with people around the world using Skype and WebEx.  These are software that are not installed by enterprise IT.  These are free software available as SaaS.

I have a feeling that my PC days are numbered.

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