Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water was flowing on Mars

Thanks to Curiosity, we now know that water was flowing on Mars by observing little rocks on the ground.  It's a very exciting discovery.  It means Mars may once had an environment habitable to life forms.  There may still be waters near the Martian surface, and it could provide one important building block of sending human to Mars.

Even before the Curiosity's discovery, many have been talking about manned mission to Mars.  In fact there is a Wikipedia page outlining big challenges to be solved to get human on Mars.

But visionaries are not deterred by these challenges. is one of them.  They are working to get  human settlers on Mars by 2023.  It is designed to be one way mission to Mars funded by televising the preparation, the travel to Mars and settlement life on Mars.

There are many things to consider when sending human settlers to Mars.  It is easy to dismiss the human exploration of Mars as a fringe idea with all the unanswered questions.  We have to remember, however, that is how big breakthroughs are made.  Once we shot for the moon, and got there.  I don't see why it cannot be Mars next time.

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