Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salesforce's big bet: Marketing will be social

Salesforce has acquired Radian 6 last year.  Earlier this year, Salesforce added Buddy Media.  Salesforce has been making investments on social media for a while.  They are now combining these with Chatter and making a big bet on marketing.  Led by social media explosion, Salesforce is betting that CMOs will look for  SaaS marketing tool.

It's not just Salesforce jumping in to provide marketing solution.  Oracle, Adobe, and Google are all putting their own pieces together to enhance their marketing tools to become social.  All of these companies have made investments on social media recently, and they are seeing the same trend.  More and more marketing teams are looking to invest on social media marketing, and driving product selection decisions.

Social Media Spend as a Percent of Marketing Budget

Combining the emergence of social marketing tool with explosion of data from ubiquitous mobile devices, it's easy to see how big data analytics will be the next important piece to cloud marketing tool offering.


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