Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple is quick to learn

Earlier I wrote about why Apple was the biggest loser from the patent war.  It seems that people are agreeing.  CNET ran a couple of articles talking about Apple image in decline while Samsung's remaining largely intact from the lawsuit.  Forbe cited social media listening data from Radian 6 how there were much more negative sentiments around Apple since the verdict has been announced.

Apple lost the PR war from its patent lawsuit against Samsung;
I bet that Apple is well aware of this and changing its course.

Data points to Apple's PR loss.  But Apple is learning quickly.

Since the verdict, Apple is talking to Google and has announced licensing deal with Motorola Mobility to re-enable push notification in Germany.  One thing that I admire about Apple is that it learns really quickly.  It gets how public is reacting to the new development and changes its strategy really quickly.

We've seen this with initial iPhone launch.  First generation iPhone did not have any App Store.  Soon Apple realized that how big of opportunity that they had with letting third party developers develop applications on top of iPhone, it quickly changed its mind.

We also saw Apple's quick learning from Genius Bar commercial recently.  After getting bad public reviews from its new Genius Bar ads, Apple decided to quickly pull it off from all media channels.  Of course, once it's out, Apple no longer owns it (remember it's social media), and I've embedded one version of it for your viewing pleasure.

Apple is an incredibly agile company.  Although it's the biggest company in the planet now by market cap, it can make decisions on a dime and changes its strategy.  And I admire Apple for that.

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