Friday, August 3, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Curiosity landing

Curiosity is landing on Mars this Sunday night 10:31PM Pacific.  Curiosity is a 1,980 lb Mars exploratory rover, and is equipped with a number of instruments to detect whether there had been any sign of life in Mars.

What is fascinating about Curiosity landing is its multi-phased landing sequence.  It first uses Mars atmosphere to slow down from 3.6 miles per sec to approximately 1,500 ft per sec shielding itself with heat shield.  Then it deploys parachute to slow down to about 220 mph, followed by 8 rocket thrusters slowing the rover down to hovering above Mars at about 25 ft up in the air.  Once it reaches hovering stage, it will lower Curiosity rover down to surface of Mars.

Live updates from Curiosity will be streamed from

I must say this is the best reason to stay up late on Sunday night to find out what happens.  Go Curiosity!

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