Monday, August 6, 2012

Danger of moving to cloud

Last week Mat Honan shared his horror story of getting hacked out of his iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Google and Twitter.  In a matter of minutes, he got his Apple devices digitally wiped clean by attacker and found his Twitter account was sending tweets that he did not write.

Mat Honan got hammered extra hard by the fact that he did not create backups of his Apple devices.  While all of us are reminded to make more frequent backup of our devices, I find something very unsettling about the whole incidence.
It's not wise to move your data to cloud
while keeping your iCloud password as 'Password1'.

There are two observations:

1. More and more data is now on cloud, yet there is not enough awareness on data security among users.

It's not just about losing data.  It's also about theft of data.  In the age of iPhone iCloud backup, how does user know that their data is secure against hackers?

2. Maintaining secure passwords for all accounts is not a tenable solution for users.

We are so used to creating yet another login and password for new services.  Just take a look at all services that you subscribed to using  It is unreasonable for users to maintain secure passwords for all accounts.  Logging in with Facebook and Twitter credential helps, but it is far from becoming a standard of for managing secure passwords.

For these two reasons, I think everyone needs a help with securing all their data and accounts from multiple sources.

Until someone comes up with a solution, each of us has to fend for ourselves.  Time to create backups and change passwords.

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