Tuesday, July 3, 2012

YouTube: create an ecosystem for content

One genius creation by Steve Jobs for iPhone is to create its developer ecosystem.  By recognizing that wealth of applications can be developed on iPhone platform, Apple executed fantastically to create App Store and developer ecosystem.  I see the similar pattern developing with YouTube.  YouTube is becoming 24/7 American Idol platform for anyone who wants to create content, and it's leveling the playing field for vlog amateurs.

YouTube is a broadcasting network.  It's only as good as content that runs on it.  More interesting original content YouTube can attract, more valuable YouTube will become.

Although YouTube has invested a lot to offer social networking features, YouTube is not going to succeed as social network because people use YouTube differently from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  When users get on YouTube, they are there to watch content.  Sharing happens once they watch good content.  If there is no good content people will stop visiting YouTube, and that will be the start of YouTube's decline. Plus with such tight integration with other social networking sites, I don't see users coming to YouTube just to discover video content.  They can already do that on Facebook just as effectively.

YouTube understands this more than anyone else.  YouTube launched NextUp initiatives last year, and started producing original content to be released on YouTube.  And that's helping amateurs and entertainers alike because of its open access and free network distribution.

Check out the YouTube compliant desk parody video put together by barelypolitical.  It highlights how much YouTube content has come generating new memes on the internet.

If you recognized any parody, that means you watched YouTube content recently.  Cable and broadcasting networks should take note.

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