Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Video sharing platforms making news

I'm seeing uptick on video sharing platforms making news recently.  Autodesk announced today that they are finalizing the agreement to acquire Socialcam for $60 million.  Tout, video social status update platform, raised $13.4 million series B financing last week.

I remember writing about upcoming video sharing and consumption on mobile devices back in January 2011.    We are finally starting to see much more activities around mobile video sharing and consumption.

I wanted to highlight three companies in mobile video sharing space:


Socialcam provides enjoyable experience for user
to browse and share content with others.
Socialcam has just been acquired by Autodesk.  I am not certain how Socialcam fits directly into Autodesk product portfolio.  One way would be to integrate social video sharing experience within 3ds Max and other animation generated by AutoCAD and Maya products.  Because collaboration and sharing information is important within Autodesk product line, it will be useful trick to share Autodesk-created content via Socialcam network.

Although it launched in 2011, its mobile app has been downloaded more than 16 million times.  This has been possible because of social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  I must say that they have done a nice job in executing social media bootstrapping strategy.


Viddy is close competitor to Socialcam.  It matches Socialcam's experience almost feature by feature.  One notable exception that I saw was 15-second time limit on video length.  Because of 15-sec limit, its videos are generally shorter than Socialcam's.


One easy way to explain Tout is Twitter meeting Apple FaceTime.  It's meant to be video tweet service with 15-second video limit.  It provides nice threaded conversation so that people can reply to video post.  One of investors is WWE (if you are thinking wrestling, you are thinking of the right acronym), and during recent WWE Raw airing and shortly after, its iPhone and Android app have been downloaded more than 30K times.  Not a bad way to leverage your investor to spur your user adoption.

I think these three companies will lead the way to social video sharing.  With Socialcam getting bought out to Autodesk even before its two year anniversary, there could be an opportunity for another player to come in and compete with different user experience.

Any other social video sharing company that you are tracking?

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